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Money / Bill Snatcher

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Money / Bill Snatcher
Item Code: billsnatcher
Price: £3.00
RRP: £3.20

This is made of Metal and is 3cm across.
Bill Snatcher Instructions. Attach the end of the cord with clear tape to the paper money or other light object. Pull the string out almost to the end. Press the round button in the center of the metal disk to prevent the string from re-winding until you're ready. Place the object where you want it. When you're ready for the surprise re-wind, just release the button and watch the fun.

Great to play a joke on people by attaching a 10 note to the tab on the end of the cord.
Pull the cord out and let the note fall to the floor. It won't be long before someone tries to pick the note up and when they do, boy will they get a surprise because just before they touch it, it disappears! Simply let go of the button in the middle and the note flies back in to your hand.

Some other Fun Tricks you can perform with this:
Pencil - Drop a pencil on the floor, and amaze people as you gesture to the pencil, and it returns to your hand!
Silk Handkerchief - Drop a handkerchief on the floor, and whistle or gesture for the hanky to return to your hand.
Playing Card - At a card game, deal several cards. After dealing the gimmicked card last, apologise for dealing one too many as you snap the card back into your hand.

You can make up your own tricks by using different objects on the end of the cord.

Comes with instructions on the back of the packaging and it can be reused over and over again.

  • Funny Gift
  • Suitable for 5+ Years
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