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Mirrored Lense Surveillance / Spy Sunglasses

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Mirrored Lense Surveillance / Spy Sunglasses
Item Code: spyshade
Price: £4.79
RRP: £5.00

This is a great product for any budding spies.
These look like ordinary sunglasses and can be worn as ordinary sunglasses but the special thing about them is that part of each lenses is covered with a special coating that allows you to look behind you!
Great for spy work where you want to watch someone without them knowing you are watching them, you can stand with your back to them and still see what they are doing! From the front these sunglasses look exactly like normal ones, its the special reflective coating on the lenses which acts like a mirror to give you rear vision.
Great to use in school, work, and with family and friends! These are great fun for people of all ages to play with.
Nobody will be able to sneak up on you from behind as you will see then coming.

  • Unusual gift
  • Great for children
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